Ransomware has taken the lead among the most popular and pervasive malware variants active today, as reported by several security research studies like the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2019.

Usually introduced behind a company’s defenses when an unsuspecting user clicks on a malicious link or attachment in a phishing email, ransomware surreptitiously encrypts every file on the target system before presenting a note demanding payment for the key to unlock them.

Many ransomware strains are capable of then spreading across the network to infect other systems, including backup servers, increasing the requested payout and reducing the target’s ability to recover from the attack.

The next obvious question is, how does a company protect against malware?

IT Master Services recommends a multiprong approach:

  1. Make sure all your computer systems (any device connected to your network) are updated and patched regularly.

  2. End user training is still key. Teaching your employees to not open random attachments and not to click on unknown links in emails, and on websites still remains high on the list of preventing ransomware.

  3. Secure Data Backup, this is often overlooked by companies as being a waste of money. But this requires both secure onsite and secure offsite data backup plan.

For more information please review the following articles:

  • https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/06/we-need-to-up-our-game-dhs-cybersecurity-director-on-iran-and-ransomware/

  • https://www.dhs.gov/cisa/news/2019/06/22/cisa-statement-iranian-cybersecurity-threats
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