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Wireless Networking

The truth about Wireless

The development of wireless communications, especially the security aspects of it, has been relatively stable compared to the overall issues in the public Internet via fixed access until early 2000. Nevertheless, along with the enhanced functionalities of smart devices, networks and applications, the number of malicious attacks has increased considerably. It can be estimated that security attacks, distribution of viruses and other illegal activities increase exponentially in a wireless environment along with the higher number of devices and users of novelty solutions. Not only are payment activities, person‐to‐person communications and social media types of utilization under constant threat. We all must take precautions and implement policy's to protect our wireless networks.

How to secure your wireless network?

Below are some steps that we recommend you take to help ensure you are protecting your wireless networks at home and at work.

  • Change Your Router Admin Username and Password
  • Authentication, Authorization and Encryption
  • Use WPA2 with Strong Encryption
  • Change the Network Name (SSID)
  • Turn Off Guest Networks
  • Use a VPN
  • Update Router Firmware Regularly
  • Turn Off Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS

Client Testimonials

IT Master Services Came to my house and upgraded the memory in my computer as well as installed a new hard drive and installed Windows 7. Then came back the following day for Free to show me how to use Windows 7. It is great to have a company that really cares about the customer.

Jackie A.
Sparks, Nevada