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Proactive Network Cybersecurity Services

The world of computer network technologies is rapidly changing and advancing. Unfortunately, more often than not, the convince of technology can outpace its security. This can leave you and your business vulnerable to attack and theft. There are some people that have predicted that by the year 2020 there will be over 50 billion network devices connected to the Internet. IT Master Services believes in proactive security services. Most current cyber security companies practice and offer defensive and passive security services, not us!

Our IT Pro’s will make sure your current network is optimized and offer suggestions to help make it more secure by patching and updating your network hardware firmware and service contracts. We partner with many different network appliance vendors to offer you a wide variety of hardware devices.

Why Periodic Monitoring Fails?

The reason why periodic monitoring fails is simple. It’s because your network — including all hosts, operating systems, applications, and data — is constantly in flux. Not just day-to-day, but minute-by-minute. Defending a static environment is challenging enough. Defending a constantly changing environment is nearly an exercise in futility. Continuous Network Monitoring Information security researcher, CyberEdge Group, recently surveyed 814 IT security professionals in North America and Europe to gauge their frequency of performing full-network active vulnerability scans. The results (see diagram below) are shocking! Only 15 percent of those surveyed are scanning more frequently than once per month.

Continuous Network Monitoring Services

Wired Network Security Services

Having a secure wired network is very important in the business world. Failure to protect your network assets can lead to significant loss of data and damage to your businesses reputation. Our IT Pros can help make sure you are not a victim of cybercrime by providing suggestions to help protect your businesses network. We provide you with a list of vulnerabilities to your network and help lead you to securing your wired business computer network.

Wi-Fi Network Security Services

Being able to connect to your business network wirelessly can make your business run more smoothly if done properly and securely. Protecting your wireless networks can be very challenging at times. There are many known security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to compromise a wireless network. Our IT Pro’s will help you mitigate exploits by upgrading any aging access points (Aps) to make sure they are running today’s most up to day cybersecurity protocols.

Other Cyber-Security Services

  • Patch Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Risk Management
  • User Security Training and Awareness (STA)
  • User Social Engineering Training
  • Strong Password Policies
  • Least Privilege User Access (LUA)
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Testing
  • Network Traffic Analyzing
  • Log Management (IDS/IPS, Firewall, VPN and AV
  • Network Assessment - Port Scanning
  • Network Assessment - Traffic Flows

Client Testimonials

IT Master Services Came to my house and upgraded the memory in my computer as well as installed a new hard drive and installed Windows 7. Then came back the following day for Free to show me how to use Windows 7. It is great to have a company that really cares about the customer.

Jackie A.
Sparks, Nevada