Database Managment

We work with our customers to represent their data that is required for a program and how to store it efficiently.

We believe that it is essential to have local, in-house experts on our team to assist clients with every major database on the market today. Our team offers deep technology experience across many systems that include all of the following:

  • Microsoft SQL Server (Microsoft relational databases)
  • MySQL
  • Oracle Database
  • SqlLite
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Data Design & Development

  • Data modeling: Creating an entity-relationship (ER) model of the data.
  • Logical database design: Helping you take your ER model, and creating a normalized relational schema.
  • Physical database design: Helping you decide what data type to use for each attribute and what indexes to create. Helping you produce a detailed set of structured query language (SQL) statements that implement the logical schema.
  • Deployment and maintenance: Helping you with the final details, the choosing of the DBMS software to use and helping you launch your database.
  • Microsoft SQL & SqlLite Database Design
  • Custom SQL Query writing & editing
  • SQL Database Recovery Services

Local Database Design Services

If you are looking for professional local database design and development services, give us a call (775) 229-4254